I’ve done it, guys!

Only two days left!!


I’ve re-written my outline and I’m pretty happy about how it came along. I was struggling pretty badly with my previous idea, and I wanted to put way too many things that in the end had no meaning for the story… AH WELL 8D Second time’s the charm.


Here’s what I have until now:



Woman Outline + Details

Laurie is bi & wishes for an open relationship, although she has stayed “clear” of actual relationships for years.

Sabrina (LI) respects her choices and is okay with her having multiple partners.


Unicorn friend to:
Betty Stone + Mark Thorpe
–> they’ve been friends for almmost 6 years, ever since Betty & Laurie met at work.


About Work Things

Laurie is currently a software analyst in the IT department in a security company. She is a team manager and has been working up the management ladder, although her true passion is programming and software development. Currently awaiting a promotion for department coordinator.
Betty is a marketing agent and works mostly on website related things.


Story Outline

MC meets girl (LI) on dating app
First time goes well, but MC makes clear boundaries in regards to “outside the bedroom”. First signs about emotional attachment issues + committment issues.
But LI doesn’t give up! She’s a sweetheart and slowly warms makes MC warm up to her.
MC appears to have family issues, unclear at first. Never mentions it and when LI asks about Thanksgiving MC dismisses issue entirely.
MC and LI grow closer, and out of the blue MC asks LI to come to her hometown for a family thing (TBD)

BIG REVEAL==> MC’s [person/situation of importance]
MC shows vulnerability, causing LI to comfort them and they grow closer.


What Happens When They Visit MC’s Hometown

==>Reason initially told to LI:
Parent’s marriage anniversary, MC doesn’t want to go alone and be bombarded with questions about “settling down”
Something LI told MC about going made her change her mind –> REVEAL about LI’s family situation

Secret reason: a guy who abused (emotionally? physically? rape?) MC is on his deathbed after an accident and MC’s family has been pressuring her somewhat to go see him before he dies. Put things to rest, allow him to ask for forgiveness.

MC is an emotional wreck after this, breaks down. LI comforts MC, hot sexy scene full of emotions. MC admits to having feelings for LI and admits being terrified about it, LI also has feelings. LI promises MC to take it slow etc.


End Scene 

End of book? Probably…

Epilogue? Possibly…