You’ll definitely wanna check out these awesome people and their personal sites.

Either for additional reading or find something to tickle your muse!

Friends with whom I write or who’ve written stuff I love:



Co-author of Silent Pines and writer of butts.


In Your Bones

Co-author of Silent Pines and writer of spooks.


Gribbly Monster Manufacture

Apparently he also has a blog Dave VS Brain 


Silent Pines

Seriously, read it.

Places where I write and that you should check out too!



Most of my writing consists of play-by-post roleplaying, and this community is my home!


Ash Moon Owl Roleplay (AMOR)

18+ community where butts rule supreme.


Services and resources that I love:



Atabyte Hosting Services

Owned by a friend who offers amazing customer support!


Bare Bones Editing Service

Editing service for your books, stories, etc by the awesome Silent Pines co-author, Oz!



When you need a generator for things like modern jobs or lady knights! By Diana and Vay, two foxy vixens.


Muse Inspired

Need something to tickle your muse? Tame the bitch!