ohlookit it’s me!

Hello, person of the Internet. It seems you’ve stumbled on my personal website, either because you clicked a link blindly or because you knew exactly what you were looking for. I somewhat hope it’s the former, otherwise it’s a little creepy.

I’m Pahn, hi! I’m 25 going on 26, have three cats, a hubby that I love (FRANK LUV U), and apparently I’m a huge dork.

I like long walks through busy city streets, the colour green, pistachio ice cream, and everything coffee-flavoured. 8)


I started this site so I could have a place to throw my stories, character ideas, plots, the art I make, commentary about things I watch or read, and all that jazz. I’ve always loved writing stories, since I was a kid, but my technical skills aren’t all that fantastic. Over the years, I strayed away from creative writing due to depression and a lot of personal problems. Then college happened. In 2010 I was looking for a long-lost person on the Internet and stumbled on my first play-by-post roleplaying website. It was quite the ride, and there I met some friends whom I still have contact with today. I reconnected with writing for two years, but I still felt very “noob” in what I was doing and that I didn’t really have anyone who could properly challenge my level of writing. More depression episodes happened and I took a massive hiatus of four and a half years.

During those 4.5 years, I moved from Lévis (QC, Canada) to Montréal. I found love and I was finally detached from the bad roots I had dragged with my from my hometown (Chandler, QC) and I was finally able to grow as a person. I wrote my first smut short story, and even if no one read it at the time (except for my spouse) it felt really good to simply be writing again. After a reconnection with a friend, I joined a new roleplay website. On there, I thrived and made a whole new network of friends and writers. It feels like I finally found a place where I belong and had the pleasure to write with folks with similar or better writing skills. This allowed my writing to improve, and even if my technique is not super great, it’s definitely 100% better than what it used to be. Psst, it’s IwakuRoleplay so you should definitely check it out. I’m part of the staff on there and the admins are some of my closest friends.


That was a lot of backstory o__o I suppose there will be more to come, especially since I do enjoy talking about myself like the self-centred smartass that I am.


This is all for the exordium for now.

Thanks for checking me out, make sure to give the Links page a look to see all the wonderful people whom I have the pleasure to call friends.

Cheers, à la prochaine.